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Do you want to learn more about and enjoy:

    • birds
    • flowers
    • trees
    • fungi
    • insects

…whilst walking through beautiful countryside ?

If so, you should consider joining South Staffordshire Naturalists’ Society!

  • We go on field trips (typically 4 - 5 miles) through West Midlands countryside at weekends and some weekdays, stopping to look at and discuss anything of interest.

  • We hold indoor meetings on alternate Monday evenings during the winter in Tettenhall, West of Wolverhampton, to hear lectures and see slide shows on naturalist topics.

  • We go on weekends to study flora and fauna in other parts of the country.

  • We are friendly and have occasional social get-togethers.

Please view more details and contact us via the button above.

  Treecreeper, (c)Barry Boyse  
  Wood Anemones, (c)Jim Dowdell  
  Sycamore, (c)  
  Shaggy Inkcap, (c)Wild About Britain  
  High Brown Fritillary Butterfly, (c)Neville Wilde